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A sanctuary for the curious epicurean...

Sitting on the shores of a coral reef and surrounded by turquoise lagoons and traditional villages, Cap Karoso is a luxe launchpad for exploring the Indonesian island of Sumba. Let us be your guide as you soak in nature, culture and some more indulgent delights.

Immerse yourself in Craft

More than a place to rest your head, our 44 rooms and 20 villas will ignite your interest in Sumbanese heritage. At Cap Karoso, age-old craft and contemporary art and design come together to tell the story of the island.


Cultural exploration

This is an island like no other. Sumba is home to a unique religion that dates back to the Bronze Age and lives on today. Here you’ll find indigenous art, megalithic tombs, and traditional houses with soaring 25-meter-high roofs that form a bridge to the spirit world. It’s all part of worship that honors nature and ancestral authority.  During your visit, unplug from the world you know and gain an entirely new perspective.



The heart of Cap Karoso is its biological farm. Covering three hectares of rehabilitated land, the farm produces nearly all the fruits and vegetables we use in our restaurant and bar. Cabbages, tomatoes, and mangos are just a small taste of what’s ripening within steps of your room.

Roof of the farm's main building

Growing beyond the crops…

The farm is also a hub for sharing methods of sustainable cultivation. We welcome local farmers to come and learn about biological farming and permaculture. Guests can take part, too, with agricultural experiences around composting and natural fertilizer production.

Additionally, the farm is home to our artist residencies, craft ateliers, and kids’ club.

Getting here

Sumba island is easily reachable from Bali with daily flights from Denpasar airport. Currently, three daily flights are available with NAM, Citilink or Wings.

Destination airport: TAMBOLAKA (TMC)

Flight duration: approximately 1 hour

Tickets are best booked at

If you are travelling from Jakarta, a daily flight is available with NAM Air with a short layover in Denpasar.

Once you land in Tambolaka airport, Cap Karoso is only a 50-minute drive away. 

Contact our team with any questions to request assistance in Bali airport or arrange your transfer from Tambolaka.

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