Building of the farm with garden and red flowers in the forefront
Emerald Karoso Lagoon with boat
Traditional Cabai chili peppers at the market
Traditional sumbanese roofs
Children jumping in lagoon
Oasis in rice terraces
Man seating on wood pillar in Karoso lagoon
Children playing in Weekuri lake
Skyview of traditionam sumbanes village
Lounge chair on Karoso beach at sunset
Sumba hills at sunset
Woman on Karoso beach at sunset
Roof of the community house at The Farm``
Red Ikat hanging in front of traditional house
Oasis with waterfall and tree
Pero estuary and laguna with traditional boats
Old sumbanese man with traditional hat
Sunset over Karoso beach
Blue and yellow fishnets
Garden and fence of the Farm
Plants from The Farm with blurred background
Pink sunset over traditional village
Waves crashing on cliffs