Cap Karoso - Villas and hotel in Sumba

Inspired by
the great explorers,

dedicated to
the modern traveler

Opening in 2021





the mystic island

Cap Karoso plants its flag in the unexplored west of Sumba, a part of Sumba island which is a world of its own. Here, time stands still. Local tribes follow the Marapu traditions dating back to the Bronze Age. And a mystic everyday life is captured by indigenous artworks, megalithic tombs, and traditional houses with soaring 25-meter high roofs which connect with the world of the ancestors. This local culture and heritage is surrounded by spectacular unspoiled nature, home to a multitude of endogenous species, calling out to adventurous spirits.

The modern
traveler's refuge

Cap Karoso is the perfect hub from which to explore the island, with its pristine beach of Karoso and mind-blowing landscapes of natural lagoons, salt-water lakes, and traditional villages. But, being an explorer doesn’t mean that you have to forget about indulging in the more sensory pleasures too. At the end of a day surfing the waves of Pero or biking around the ancient village of Rattengaro, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t share your stories over a glass of your favorite drink, flawlessly executed. Our line-up of the hottest chefs, mixologists, and DJs will set the perfect scene.


Twenty villas, twenty lucky owners.
Seize your chance to be among the first to know about Cap Karoso Village and make it your own.

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More than owning a holiday home or making a sound investment, buying a villa in Cap Karoso means becoming part of our community, our village neighbor. We can’t wait to tell you more about our beautiful homes and get to know you better.

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Creating Cap Karoso is not simply about constructing walls, rooms, and structures but is about building a community of like-minded travelers. We are people who are still wowed by the stars in the night sky, inspired by the intricacy of hand-woven threads, and appreciative of the sight of a good bottle of wine. We are people who care about the environment and our local villages. Our own solar park produces 80% of Cap Karoso’s energy supply, and we’re busy creating opportunities for employment and education on the island. So if you feel like you know us, join us.

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Where we are :
Cap Karoso, Karoso beach,
South-West Sumba, Indonesia

Getting here :
Bali (Denpasar) to Tambolaka
50 min flight

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