August 27, 2019

The waves that beat against Sumba’s pristine shores include some of the world’s most spectacular for surfing. Consistently pulsing at 6-12 feet and offering rides of 200-300 meters, the names Pero left and Pero right, Wainjapu, Occy’s left, and Miller’s right are almost legendary parts of the surfer’s vocabulary. What else do these waves have in common? They are virgin: as untouched as Sumba itself.

So how better to decorate our villas than with an homage to the island’s powerful nature and its most famous adventure sport.

We’ve teamed up with English marquetry artist Emma Wood to design seven custom marquetry surfboards to decorate our most exclusive beachfront villas. Marquetry is a meticulous art-form involving inlaying pieces of wood veneer to create pictures or patterns and is usually applied to high-end furniture and art-works. Wood has developed cutting-edge techniques to apply the technique to wooden surfboards. And her Woodpop Studios (in the Black Mountains of Wales and in Mexico City) are responsible for the world’s first handcrafted, one-of-a-kind marquetry surfboards. She already counts surfer girl Kate Bosworth as a client, who’s now joined by Cap Karoso!

The Woodpop decorative style is influenced by Pop Art, artist Storm Thorgesen, geometry, and music. And passionate about our planet, and our oceans in particular, all the fully-functioning boards are also certified eco-boards. They use sustainably sourced woods and metals, alongside plant-based bio resins and glassed in-fins – plastic and petrochemicals do not feature. It’s the perfect metaphor for our vision, which also inspired Emma in turn.

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