A photo from Sumba awarded in Paris - CAP KAROSO

A photo from Sumba awarded in Paris


October 1, 2020

The winners of one of Europe’s most prestigious international photography awards, the Paris Photography Prize 2020 (PX3), have recently been announced. And we’re thrilled that Korean photographer, Suk Eun Kim, has been awarded Special Photographer of the Year for his stunning study of Sumba’s surreal Mangrove trees.

In a series entitled Story of Tree Family, Suk Eun Kim’s black and white images explore the trees through the eyes of family.

The photographer says: “Human beings are hugged by their parents when they are born. But this tree cannot hug a child born from its roots. Yet they are happy. They can always look to each other and pray. Modern people are too busy to meet their families. But don’t forget your family like trees that always look at each other and pray.”

Sea story – Suk Eun Kim