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5 reasons to invest in Sumba's region


December 9, 2019

#1: Unique cultureNTT is a Christian-majority region. While Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion here, local beliefs and rituals continue to be a part of the everyday life of local people. Megalithic burials, unique local architecture, colourful local ceremonies never fail to amaze travellers looking for authentic experiences. And with the growth of experiential travel as a global trend, destinations with rich local culture come in the spotlight of high-value tourism.

#2: Ambition of the Indonesian government
Having experienced the downsides of mass tourism in Bali, the Indonesian government developed a different vision for the NTT. Islands of Sumba and Flores are to become the destinations for low-density high-value tourism with a strong accent on protection of environment and preservation fo the local cultures. They have recently started to brand the destination as « Exotic East Nusa Tenggara », showing ambition and real investment. 

#3: Accessibility
Flying to Sumba today is rather easy – several regular daily flights connect the islands to Bali, and they take less than one hour.
But efforts are made to relieve the congested Denpasar airport and reduce the time of commute even further. To support the growth of NTT, a new international airport is now under construction in Kupang. This new airport, situated in the west of Timor, will host international flights and redirect travellers to all the main islands of the NTT.

#4: Sustainable initiatives
On many different levels, from local authorities to NGOs, to investors, the region of NTTstrives to provide an alternative to the unsustainable mass development of Bali. To cite a few major initiatives, Sumba Iconic Island aims to increase the part of renewable energy in Sumba, Sumba Hospitality Foundation provides education to local youth while educating them about the environment… We believe that the opening of Cap Karoso will set another milestone in the development of NTT as a sustainable destination.

#5: Breathtaking landscapes
The landscapes of NTT – be it savannah in Sumba or the pink beaches in Flores – are breathtaking. But what makes them even more unique is their diversity. A few days spent in NTT offer as many impressions as visiting several different countries.

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