Cap Karoso

April 29, 2020

Beachfront villa for sale in Cap Karoso

From the start, our vision for Cap Karoso has always been to create a place that is more than simply beautiful ­– but one which is meaningful too. We want to reveal the spirit of Sumba and infuse its local culture, traditions, and crafts in a way that goes beyond simply copy-pasting local style. Now that our interior design is finalized, join us on a virtual tour of the resort and the villas where each space tells a story of Sumba.


The story starts to unfold the moment guests take their first steps across the Cap Karoso threshold as they are welcomed into a minimalist yet impressive reception area, and are immediately immersed in the emotion of Sumba. The space is dominated by a monolithic stone transformed into a reception desk and tall columns which reference the “Vertical” Marapu religion by creating a passage between this world and the world of the spirits above.


Lounge with views over our 33-meter infinity pool and the Flores sea

The reception area serves as a bridge: transporting guests between the astonishing wild nature and one-of-a-kind sights and cultural experiences of the outside world, and the joyful and restful inside of Cap Karoso. And as guests pass through the reception and enter the lounge, they are hit by breath-taking views – out across our immense infinity pool and towards the disappearing horizon over the sea. This is the other half of their Sumba experience.

Custom-made furniture: a lo-fi mixture of rattan, bamboo and wood is punctuated with sophisticated Pierre Frey fabrics

Custom-made furniture carries a spirit of beachside luxury – cosy rattan sofas covered in exclusive Pierre Frey textiles, bamboo tables, and more. And the story of Sumba continues in dark wooden stools and imposing wood-clad concrete columns inspired by traditional houses.


Pool Bar – where guests are immersed in spectacular sunset views

As guests step outside onto the Pool Bar deck, Sumba’s nature becomes the star of the story. Low-key armchairs, simple benches, and smooth and easy lines complement rather than distract from the beauty of the views. This west-facing deck will offer spectacular sunset views.


Daybeds at the Beach Club: the perfect lounging area to enjoy the drinks from the bar while listening to the tunes played by a live DJ

The heart of Cap Karoso is without a doubt its Beach Club. It is where our guests will come together to share their stories, recount their adventures and discoveries, and connect and communicate. It is where our talented chefs, DJs, and mixologists will create an atmosphere of home uniting those who share a love of wild places, pulsing music, gastronomy, and the finer things. And it is where the Cap Karoso community lives.

In Sumba, nothing says community better then Ikat – the island’s traditional textile which is intricately handwoven by entire village communities, with each villager playing a specific role in the long and complex process of fabrication. Bitte has taken this traditional Sumbanese symbol of community to bring our Beach Club to life, designing an installation which will cover the entirety of the Beach Club restaurant ceiling and celebrate the links of unity.

design of the VILLAS for sale in Cap Karoso Sumba

Pool-side terrace of 2-bedroom Villa Ndara

The guest journey then moves to the hotel rooms and villas, where the equation changes from social to intimate. These spaces are homes – places where owners or guests can live their own lives and find their emotions and wishes at the centre of their experience. Our interior designers have woven a perfect balance of absolute comfort and local accents in these spaces.

Each room and villa is connected with the nature that surrounds it. The design leans heavily on natural materials (rattan, bamboo, local wood) and fabrics and finishings in natural hues. The furniture and furnishings will invite guests to relax and enjoy the tropical breeze. And artworks and antiques will let each room or villa tell its own Sumbanese story, of animals and scenery and local instruments and more.
Floor-to-ceiling windows, decks, and terraces will let life flow between the inside and the outside, centred around the pool and the spectacular landscape gardening. Being inside has never felt so free!

Infinity pool and garden of Villa Ndara

And if you’d like to own one of these secluded hideaways, just drop us an email. A few of our villas are still available for sale.