Let's talk about light design - CAP KAROSO

Let’s talk about light design

Cap Karoso

January 9, 2020

Light shapes everything around us: space, mood, ambiance, and experience – everything that’s at the heart of Cap Karoso. So we’ve teamed up with one of the world’s coolest architectural lighting designers, Emmanuel Clair of Light Cibles, to make sure that every corner of Cap Karoso is lit up with emotion.

A father-son team, Light Cibles was founded in 1983 by Louis Clair, the original pioneer of architectural lighting in France. Emmanuel joined the company in 1999 – his first project was UNESCO World Heritage Site the Mont Saint-Michel in France – and he is now CEO of the group which has offices in Paris, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Spain.

Just like his father, Emmanuel is acclaimed for beautiful and cinematographic yet innovative and unconventional lighting design. He has developed concepts in all four corners of the globe: heritage sites, monuments, and river banks, commercial buildings, hotels, and urban lighting master plans. And Cap Karoso joins world-famous landmarks including Notre Dame in Paris, Singapore’s Esplanade, Scotts Tower, Orchard Central, and Botanic Gardens, and the Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh and the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia, in receiving a dose of his directional lighting style.

… Oh and, it’s one thing to create breathtaking architectural lighting design, but Light Cibles is also committed to providing environmental solutions that are energy-efficient and long-lasting.

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