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HOP ON A BIKE – Cap Karoso is an outdoor lover’s playground

Cap Karoso

March 2, 2020

Cycling in Sumba

So what’s on the itinerary for explorers? Here are our top 3 destinations by bike.

#1: MANDORAK BEACH – 6 km, 15 minutes

Mandorak beach Sumba

Mandorak is a small, white-sand beach tucked into a rocky grotto, framed by rising cliffs and abundant green nature which we love for its crystal clear waters. And there’s something for every explorer: swimmers can luxuriate in perfectly sheltered waters protected by coral reefs, adventurers can take on water sports, or you can while away peaceful hours relaxing and walking the beach and surrounding coastline. We also think it has one of the best sunsets in Sumba.

#2: WEEKURI LAKE – 7 km, 20 minutes

Weekuri lagoon Sumba

This stunning cliff-top salt-water lagoon is one of our favourite spots in the region. The sandy bottomed turquoise waters provide perfect swimming, coral gardens and colourful fish provide fantastic snorkelling, and a diving platform is ready and waiting for thrill-seekers.
Sensation abundant, the deep waters run both warm and cold thanks to the fresh water which flows in from the sea via rocky crevices and coral reefs. And the 15 meter high jagged cliffs covered in lush green trees that rise up around it provide an incredible panorama – so why not leave your bikes by the lagoon and hike along the cliff top keeping an eye out for monkeys and dolphins.

#3: RATENGGARO VILLAGE – 17 km, 50 minutes

Rattenggarro village sumba

While there are many perfectly preserved traditional villages in Sumba, we think Ratenggaro is one of the best thanks to its quite extraordinary seafront position – lying on an estuary between the river and the sea, the panorama is breathtaking.
And a little anecdote for you: the name comes from a combination of “Rate” (graves) and “Garo” (people of Garo), which refers to a particularly deadly clan war and the bodies that were buried on the site. So alongside the soaring thatched roofs of the traditional houses, explorers will also find hundreds of megalithic tombs.