Construction has started! - CAP KAROSO

Construction has started!

Cap Karoso

August 13, 2019

We’ve been busy this past month as we reached an historic moment in the Cap Karoso story: construction started on our hotel and villas. And of course, no significant event could be possible on Sumba without a ritual of its own. Ours fell on the 12th August – a date that the local Ratos agreed was auspicious – as we inaugurated the construction works of Cap Karoso with a beautiful traditional ceremony. 

We were honored to host hundreds of guests, uniting government officials, shamans, village heads, our main contractors, and our neighbours from the surrounding villages. Together we asked for the benediction of the ancestors for our project. (The Ratos asked them for their divinations about the future of Cap Karoso, and they responded positively!) 

As we were welcomed into the Marapu culture, the ceremony brought our vision together in a perfect moment. From the very start of our project more than two years ago, we have wanted Cap Karoso to be sustainable not only ecologically, but socially; finding a way to preserve the authentic Sumbanese Marapu way of life while allowing local people to work and earn their living. 

Surrounded by locals in our new home, this ceremony confirmed once again that development doesn’t need to bring disruption, but on the contrary, can allow the treasures of tradition to flourish stronger than ever.